Awesome Features!

StudyMesh has the most amazing features. You will wonder how you collaborated before!


Everyone signs up and controls their own commitments. They can register for any part of your study, and they can cancel their registration at any time.

Of course, you, Mr. or Ms. Study Owner, can override any reservations in your study, cancel them or even mark them as complete!

Track Completion

Everyone who signs up can mark their commitment as complete! Yes, once they are done, they simply click the "Complete" button and it is done.


You, the Study Owner, can report everyone who registered, including their names, city and country, what they reserved, and if it was completed. Easily find:

Prefer to do it on your own? No problem, just export them to Excel with a single click.

Email Notifications (coming soon)

StudyMesh knows people are busy. We want to help you to get that study done!

Mobile App (coming soon)

Want to manage it all from your iPhone or Android? So do we! Mobile apps are on the way, so pay close attention!