We love knowledge. We love learning. We love sharing.

StudyMesh was created to ease collaborative learning.

In the summer of 2010, a great teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Amital, passed away. He had thousands of students from decades of teaching all over the world, Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Montreal to Melbourne, Los Angeles to London. These students wanted to honour his memory by studying together, but had no easy way to collaborate worldwide.

We dreamed that we could make it happen, and built a simple, easy-to-use Web application for collaborative study. Well over 1,000 people signed up in the next two weeks and studied together.

Five years later, Rabbi Amital's colleague, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, also passed away. Once again, we rose to the task and built a new version of our collaborative study application. Once again, nearly 1,000 people signed up over a two-week period to study together.

In the years since, many people, both those who had participated and those who had heard of it, approached us and asked us to provide an application that could be used for any person, to track their own studies and collaborate with others.

StudyMesh was born.

You, too, can set up your own collaborative Study for any purpose at all. Just take the first step and sign up for free.